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About Us

Beginning a journey to become your healthiest self is one phone call away. At Central Arkansas Group Counseling, we offer a wide array of treatment plans from skilled professional counselors. Before you make the call to schedule your appointment, take a few moments to get to know our team better. We look forward to getting to know you soon!

Skilled Professionals

We have a whole team of skilled professional counselors who work together to offer patients a wide range of treatments that meet their individual needs. Whatever goals you have for leading a happier, healthier life, our skilled counselors are here to help you.

Dedicated to Education

As part of our ongoing dedication to improving the field of counseling and therapy, we are happy to offer internships for students at local universities. If you want to learn more about our current group of talented interns, you can read about them at the link below.

Qualified & Licensed to Offer a Variety Treatment Options

We want to offer you the best possible treatment. That’s why we maintain all the necessary qualifications and continuing education to be licensed by the Arkansas Board of Examiners in Counseling and the Arkansas Social Work Licensing Board. You can find out more about what it means to be board licensed at the link below.