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Getting Motivated – Understanding the CBT Triangle & Self-Talk

By Kristy Burton, LPC, NCC

If you’re struggling to get and stay motivated, taking simple steps to change the way you think can be an essential aspect of improving your motivation. Understanding the CBT triangle and self-talk can be a great place to start for many people if your lack of motivation often stems from the way you’re thinking about the tasks ahead of you. The simplest way to get started is to schedule an appointment for individual therapy. One of the skilled clinicians at Central Arkansas Group Counseling can help you understand your lack of motivation and start making changes to your routine.

What is the CBT Triangle?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a common therapy practice that is geared toward understanding the way that thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are related. Chiefly, CBT looks at emotion, thought, and behavior as being connected like the sides of a triangle. Specifically:

  • Thoughts – the way we think impacts how we feel and what we do.
  • Emotions – the way we feel impacts what we think and what we do.
  • Behaviors – what we do impacts how we think and feel.

What is Self-Talk?

Do you struggle with the negative voice in your head that catastrophizes everything? Does your inner monologue tend to leave you feeling useless? It’s time to change your self-talk. The way you think about yourself, those around you, and potential interactions with the wider world can impact your ability to successfully get things done.

How Can Understanding the CBT Triangle & Self-Talk Help with Motivation?

By understanding the CBT triangle and self-talk, you may be able to make small changes and experience increased motivation. When negative self-talk changes the way we feel about ourselves, impedes our ability to work, or interferes in relationships with our family members, it’s time to start making some changes. Many people think that means they need to stop having negative thoughts and start feeling motivated overnight. Actually, the process can be lengthy. What you can do overnight is choose to take small steps. First, you should start taking note of negative self-talk. You can take this literally writing down your negative self-talk, why you might have had this thought, and what you can do to change this self-talk. You should also recognize how these negative thoughts are influencing the way you feel and the actions you take.

When it comes to motivation, recognizing thoughts that hold you back from moving forward with a task as negative self-talk is important. Once you recognize these thought patterns, you can set achievable goals to make changes.

For instance, if you’re struggling to get motivated to change jobs, you don’t necessarily need to quit your current job and start pounding the pavement. Instead, start by reviewing your resume. This is a great opportunity to start thinking of yourself in a more positive light. Resumes require you to outline all of your work experience, describe your strengths, and consider your achievements. Writing a resume can help you start to change negative self-talk about your abilities as an employee and feel more motivated to move on to the next step of the job search process.

Want to Visit Central Arkansas Group Counseling?

Whatever you’re struggling to get motivated for, be it a job search or just to getting out of the house, you’re not alone. At Central Arkansas Counseling, we offer a variety of therapy services to help people develop skills to stay motivated. Call us in Benton or North Little Rock to schedule your next appointment. We also offer telehealth services, so clients can visit with us from the comfort of home.

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