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Groups/Classes in Benton and North Little Rock

At Central Arkansas Group Counseling, we provide a variety of counseling groups and classes for clients who can benefit from treatment as part of a group of individuals who understand their struggles and goals. If you want to learn more about our current schedule of groups and classes, check our calendar for additional information. Most of our groups meet on the same days and times to make it easier for you to plan for consistent visits, but if there are changes to days and times, you’ll find that information on the calendar, which is updated regularly. Keep reading to learn more about our current groups and classes, and you should feel free to call our team any time with questions or to ask about joining group therapy sessions. We look forward to seeing you soon.

What is Group Therapy?

Group therapy is a form of therapy in which one or more therapists treat a small group of clients together as a group. Many people experience mental health difficulties, but few speak openly about them to people they don’t know well. Oftentimes, you may feel like you are the only one struggling – but you’re not. It can be a relief to hear others discuss what they’re going through and realize you’re not alone.

What Classes & Groups are Available?

At Central Arkansas Group Counseling, we know how important these group therapy experiences can be to helping patients achieve their goals. We are happy to offer a number of groups and classes, including:


A psychoeducational and cognitive behavioral therapy group for the treatment of male and female adult domestic violence offenders. This group is held weekly in North Little Rock and Benton. The group provides supportive counseling, educational materials, and presentations about domestic violence and its effects. Training exercises, articles, video clips, handouts, homework, and other resources will be used to examine the role of shame and aggression.


Please check the calendar for times. Individual sessions are also available, as needed.


A psychoeducational theft prevention class for the treatment of persons arrested for theft or persons struggling with kleptomania. The group focuses on personal development and self-awareness to achieve success in life. The objective of this class is to help you change what you have been doing in order to empower personal growth. The 6-hour class is offered quarterly in our North Little Rock office.


Please check our calendar for upcoming classes.


Court approved 8-hour anger management class and must be paid in advance. This class will meet twice for 4 hours in NLR. You must attend both section A and section B to receive credit. Please check the calendar for specific dates and register below.


Cognitive–behavioral therapy (CBT) has been found to be an effective treatment for anger problems.


Four types of CBT interventions, theoretically unified by principles of social learning
theory, are most often used when treating anger management problems:


Relaxation training targets emotional and physiological components of anger; cognitive interventions target cognitive processes such as building awareness of cues and triggers, hostile appraisals and attributions, maladaptive beliefs, and inflammatory thinking; communication skills interventions target strengthening assertiveness and conflict resolution skills; combined interventions integrate two or more CBT interventions and target multiple response domains.


Psychoeducational and cognitive behavioral therapy approaches are used to provide substance abuse education and treatment to adult males and females. This class will include information regarding the following:


  • What substance abuse is
  • Warning signs of addictions
  • Information on how alcohol and specific drugs affect the mind and body
  • Possible consequences of use
  • How addiction can affect one’s physical and mental health, family, relationships, and other areas of functioning
  • How and why substances are abused
  • We will also explore triggers, cravings, and treatment options

Classes are offered in North Little Rock and Benton. Please check the calendar for further information about available dates and times.

Parenting Class – School’s back… Now what?

  • This will be a psychoeducational group for parents that are adjusting to school starting back.
  • This group will cover topics related to bedtime, structure, anxiety, and communicating needs within the school. There will also be an open question forum to address other potential issues and concerns related to school.
  • The cost for this will be $15.00 per person or $20.00 for a couple. There will be a minimum of 5 people for this group.
  • Childcare will not be provided.
  • This class will be facilitated by Mackenzi Davis, LCSW


Casey Hall, LPC, LMFT is an adjunct professor at John Brown University, and she regularly holds NCE prep classes for LAMFT and dual LAMFT/LAC students and grads. During these one-day sessions, we’ll walk through the basics you need to get motivated and stay focused, answer your burning questions, and give you the opportunity to network with your peers. These classes are kept small to ensure success, so make sure you reserve your spot early. Our next class is on Friday October 18, 2019.


Are you a DOT employee who had a non-negative on an alcohol or drug screening and need a DOT Substance Abuse Professional Evaluation before returning back to work safely? The initial SAP evaluation is scheduled for two hours. A followup session will be schedule after completion of all recommended counseling/educational services. The total cost for both is $750.


Supervision is an essential part of developing the necessary skills and experience to be an affective counselor, and with one of our counselors as your supervisor, you can rest assured you’ll be on the right path. We offer supervision for new Licensed Associate Counselors (LAC), Licensed Associate Marriage Family Therapists (LAMFT), and Licensed Associate Alcoholism and Drug Counselors (LAADC). During the supervision partnership, your supervisor will offer feedback, and they’ll be there to answer questions and provide support as you learn and develop as a new counselor.