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Talking with mentor

Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions – Work with a Mentor

Kristy Burton, LPC, AADC, SAP, NCC, TA

Some people look forward to setting and achieving a New Year’s resolution every January. You know the type. They’ll probably have no trouble achieving their goals and posting on their Insta about it too. Take heart, only about 40% of people actually stick to their new year’s resolutions, so if you throw in the towel, you’ll be in good company. It can be easy to get a little discouraged, but if you truly want to make a change in the new year, you can do it. You might just need a little help. In addition to kicking off resolution season, January is also National Mentoring Month. This month is all about how having a mentor can help kids and teens improve academically, achieve goals, and become better versions of themselves. To me, that sounds a little like the goal of counseling sessions. Many people think that counseling is just for people who have a diagnosis, but actually, there’s no better time than resolution season to start working with a counselor to make life changes. Like mentors, we offer support, help you develop life skills, and just generally help you make achieving any resolution a little easier.

Why Set a Resolution?

Before we talk about how counseling or “mentoring” can be beneficial for those who are working a new year’s resolution, we should talk about why people want to set a resolution to begin with. Actually, the reasons people give for setting new year’s resolutions are probably nothing that will surprise you. Some of the common reasons for setting resolutions include:

  • Starting the new year off on the right foot
  • An easy date to start self-improvement plans
  • It’s tradition! – actually, historians believe Julius Caesar started new year’s resolutions to honor the Roman god Janus who, famously, is able to look forward and backward in time simultaneously
  • It’s an easy way of telling our friends and families we’re ready to make a change

Whatever your reason for setting a resolution, they really are a good thing. A resolution shows that you are hopeful and have a willingness to take strides toward leading a healthier and more satisfying life, and that’s something that working with a counselor can really help with.

Why Mentoring?

A lot of research has been conducted to determine why mentorship is so effective for kids and teens, but as a counselor, this really doesn’t surprise me. The role of a mentor is to offer an objective, stable presence in a person’s life to help them understand their options, develop skills, and achieve goals. Sounds really important and official, but mentors say they spend most of their time just talking with young people. I don’t know about you, but to me, that sounds an awful lot like counseling. As a counselor, I’ve often told people that they don’t need to be diagnosed with anything to reap the rewards of counseling. In fact, just about anyone can benefit from taking some time to get to know themselves better, set goals, develop skills, and make progress toward change. If you set a new year’s resolution that you’re determined to achieve this year, you may just want to consider working with a counselor.

Why Central Arkansas Group Counseling?

At Central Arkansas Group Counseling, we have a whole team of knowledgeable clinicians who can help you achieve your new year’s resolution, work through a life transition, handle tough times and big emotions, and just generally start living a life that feels a little better every day. Ready to learn more? We’re here to help. Give us a call in Benton or North Little Rock to schedule your next visit.

Photo by Nik MacMillan on Unsplash