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Helping Central Arkansas Counselors Learn & Improve


Through Supervision, Interning & NCE Prep Classes in Benton & North Little Rock


In addition to working with clients to achieve their therapy goals, the team at Central Arkansas Group Counseling believes it’s important to support new counselors. For this reason, we offer supervision, internships, and NCE Prep Classes. We also offer informational presentations for local organizations and events. If you’re interested in learning more about any of these educational services, keep reading below. You can also contact Central Arkansas Group Counseling to learn more. 

Informational Events


Our counselors would love to visit your school, health fair, or other community event in North Little Rock, Conway, Springdale, or Benton areas to share information about counseling services, becoming a counselor, or related subjects. We know the importance of awareness, and our team loves to share knowledge about the field, answer questions, and provide information for local organizations and events. We’ve had experience presenting on a variety of counseling topics and working with a range of age groups from kids to adults and the aging community. 




Supervision is an essential part of developing the necessary skills and experience to be an affective counselor, and with one of our counselors as your supervisor, you can rest assured you’ll be on the right path. We offer supervision for new Licensed Associate Counselors (LAC), Licensed Associate Marriage Family Therapists (LAMFT), and Licensed Associate Alcoholism and Drug Counselors (LAADC). During the supervision partnership, your supervisor will offer feedback, and they’ll be there to answer questions and provide support as you learn and develop as a new counselor. 


Interning Opportunities


We love working with new counselors to get the experience they need to offer ethical and impactful treatment. Through support, guidance, and mentorship from the team of skilled counseling professionals at Central Arkansas Group Counseling, you can start out your career on the right path as an Intern in one of our North Little Rock, Conway, Springdale, or Benton practices. If you’re looking for an internship opportunity, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d love to hear from you.


How do I Sign Up? 


For more information, you can call Central Arkansas Group Counseling or contact us at You can also complete the registration forms here.

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